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Natural Finish Stone Sealers

How to select the correct Sealer for Natural Stone Surfaces,

The two main products that fabricators use are Stone Sealer #1 and Stone Sealer Concentrate. They are both solvent-based impregnating silicone polymers used in the industry for decades. The difference between the products is that Stone Sealer Concentrate is twice the strength of Stone Sealer #1 which means that two coats of Stone Sealer Concentrate are exactly the same as four coats of Stone Sealer #1. Fabricators use both stone sealant products for all types of natural stone including Marble, Granite, Slate, Limestone and Terrazzo. Two coats of Stone Sealer #1 are normally adequate protection for most types of natural stone. However, when fabricators install a very porous stone or it is going to be a high traffic area then they use Stone Sealer Concentrate. Both of these products leave a natural finish (no gloss) and after curing. They do not affect the appearance of the natural stone surface.

Stone Sealer #4 is also a solvent-based impregnating silicone polymer. It contains a citrus base as opposed to the petroleum distillate contained in all of the above products. It will provide similar stain protection to Stone Sealer Concentrate and leaves a natural finish. However, some fabricators claim that it provides a small enhancing effect, particularly on slate.

When it is not possible to use the above solvent-based products. This may be due to environmental constraints, limited or enclosed working areas or personal choice. Stone Sealer #2 is our environmentally friendly water-based impregnating sealer. As a general rule water-based sealers do not perform as well as solvent-based sealers particularly under abuse conditions.

“Wet-Look” or Enhancing Stone Sealers

How to select the correct Sealer for Natural Stone Surfaces.

If you require a wet look (low-medium gloss finish) then apply Stone Enhancer #1. Apply over the top of any of our sealer products after they have cured. Do not apply to unsealed natural stone as the enhancing effect will dissipate very quickly. This two-step process is the preferred method for achieving a wet look.

Alternatively, you can achieve exactly the same effect in a single step by using Stone Sealer #5. This is a combination of Stone Sealer #1 and Stone Enhancer #1 in a single bottle. Stone Sealer #6 is our water-based environmentally friendly version of stone Sealer #5.

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