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Testimonials and Reviews from some of our past customers

Commercial Testimonials

Joe Arévalo Hidalgo, TX

Hello Mr. Parry,
Attached please find before and after pictures of our warehouse floors. I\'m pleased with your product Concrete Sealer X-4 as it has proven to be an effective concrete sealing solution for our needs. It gives our floors a brilliant shine and durable seal even when heavy equipment traffic is the norm, as is in our case.

Thank you so much your help and guidance during our purchase of your product.

X-3 Joe Arévalo

Christopher MaahsEnvironmental Group Inc. CT.

I'm just sending a quick note to tell you thanks for your support on my recent purchase of Concrete Sealer X-3. You guys came through big; shipping it quickly at no additional charge. The sealer arrived when you said it would and it worked extremely well. Everyone at the hospital where it was applied is very happy. We will be using your products in the future. Again, thank-you for the professionalism and quick action.

Ed CrawfordFarlon Industries Anderson, SC

Hello Mike,

Here are the pictures we just discussed.

The picture in the middle is before treatment and the picture on the right is after cleaning and application of Concrete Sealer X-3. The picture on the left is 1 year later.

Thank you for your support and back-up Mike. I will keep you posted on how my demo goes with Clemson University next week.

Concrete Sealer X-3 Examples

Alice BurkhartOwner, Everything Fishy TX.

Everything FishyEverything Fishy has been servicing ponds for 11 years now, and from about 2005 on, wishing for a product that could be applied to existing concrete, mortar, limestone or other leaching stone on pond perimeters and the interior of ponds that would block the leaching without destroying the beauty. It was a pleasure to discover Concrete Sealer X-3. Mike patiently explained the process, application rates, dry time in different temperatures, that has made our application of Concrete Sealer X-3 an outstanding success.

We've had no losses of livestock due to using the product, and have beautified several ponds. Just being able to see the fish is a miracle with a concrete pond in Texas, between the bright sunlight and the leaching lime! We have a list of happy customers that were thrilled to discover their beautiful stonework remained beautiful after the product was applied, and their pond maintenance due to algae growth was greatly reduced by Concrete Sealer X-3. Thanks Stone Technologies!

Solomon BassoffFaducci LLC CA.

Solomon Bassoff & Domenica MottarellaFaducci has hand sculpted cement chair and dogs busts (fountain) for the SPCA, Center for Compassion which houses the animal adoption center, wildlife rehab facilities, education center, dog training and administrative offices in Burlingame, CA. The Concrete Sealer X-3 was chosen for the safety to animals and durability.

Brian M. SweigThoroughspect LLC NY.

thoroughspect-brian-sweigAfter thermal imaging a customers home that was built over 100 years ago and finding heavy moisture pockets in the mortar and stone i needed to find a solution.

After weeks of research and some sampling on concrete submerged in water tanks I found your product (Concrete Sealer X-3) to be by far the best. Not only did it repel the water as a mist,rain, but the concrete blocks that were submerged dried much faster than with other products.

I have another huge project and will be ordering your product as I no longer need to research products as I have found my solution.

I thank you for engineering a great product that is easy to use.
Life is Good,

Chris PapesOwner/General Manager Watermark Pros TX

watermark-pros-chris-papeI am the owner of Watermark Pros, our company specializes in the removal of calcium deposits from pool tile and outdoor surface reconditioning and preservation. I am writing today to express my total satisfaction with your products, in particular Stone Sealer #2. I discovered your products in the course of an exhaustive online search for the highest quality stone sealers available. My criteria is quite stringent as I use only environmentally safe products for my customers and this is no easy task when searching for effective long lasting stone, masonry and concrete sealers!

Due to the unsurpassed warranty, stellar personal one on one customer service, ease of use and peace of mind your products afford us, it is with unwavering confidence that I use only Stone Technologies products on my job sites. I have used many sealers in my business and NONE compare to the quality of your products.

Congratulations on “doing it right”. Stone Technologies products are simply the best of the best!

Many thanks from our team to yours!

Dino R. SturinoOwner and CEO - Bella Landscaping WI.


Thank you for the help you provided on our special project for the Milwaukee Water Works. we constructed the American Legion Star on a 45 degree slop on the hill of the Killbourn Reservoir Park. Beautiful photos may be seen on their website under the Special Projects tab. We have entered the project for four different National Awards and your special Concrete Sealer X-4, was one of the reasons are company was chose for the project.

After the Star was officially dedicated on 8/26/10. MWW asked us to remove the cloudiness. We worried that removing the Concrete Sealer X-4 coats would damage the glass. After letting the concrete cure for two weeks, we applied muriatic acid with water. The Concrete Sealer X-4 and excess mortar came off with a wire brush. After drying we reapplied the Concrete Sealer X-4 quite easily. You cannot distinguish the repaired area from the rest.

We considered using other products, but yours was the only one which requires only soap and water to remove surface paint from vandals. And, as we discovered, it was easy to apply with a small pump sprayer.

Residential Testimonials

Kelly O’BrienHouston, TX
Hi Michael,
I'm going to be using your material this evening (Concrete Sealer X-5) to reseal a sculpture we completed 5 years ago. See attached photo.
Kelly O'Brien
Tim ParadiseSan Diego, CA

You have amazing product!!

John ShookGrosse Point Farms, MI

Great product and many positive comments from friends. Super customer service.

Anthony DolanBarberton, OH

Hey guys,
Your sales guy that worked with me when ordering my supplies was awesome. Helped me out a lot. When I was explaining what my vision was he worked with me even though it was a complex idea.
I painted a complex design by hand that I designed myself. I have finally finished the painting aspect of the project.

The only thing left to do is clean the floor again and then use the gloss sealant (Concrete Sealer X-4) so I know the color will look different once the sealant cures. But here is the project I tried and I think it turned out pretty well for my first try.

Anthony Dolan Anthony Dolan

Jonathan FischerSanta Rosa, CA
Before and after pictures of my yard using Water-Based Light Brown Dye followed by Concrete Sealer X-4S.
Concrete Sealer X-4S   Concrete Sealer X-4S  Concrete Sealer X-4S
Mike RegerMike RegerEliasville, TX
Black DyeThe Black water-based dye was great.
Pics attached of the countertop.
Karen MartinGrosse Pointe Park, MI

Hi, Mike,

Once the weather complied I was able to finally apply your products to my foundation (Concrete Sealer X-3). We're very happy with the results, and I thank you for always graciously returning my calls and answering ALL of my questions!
Thanks again!! 
May your holidays be merry and bright!
Sincerely, Karen
Mike DavisRaymore, MO
 I ordered your Concrete Sealer X-1 several years ago, and loved it.  I even ended up treating my parent's driveway as well.
Alice BeeFort Worth, TX

Have been using Concrete Sealer X-3 on limestone, concrete, mortar and other stone since 2007. This product is easy to work with, and does a beautiful job of reducing algae growth in ponds and water features by sealing up the stones and concrete that leach lime. We reseal this pond every 2 years, it gets a lot of sun, owner loves how the pond performs now.

alice bee

Dave DitchkusSalida, CO
Thanks for your reply, on a Saturday! Attached please find before and after photos - the pink is gone!
I applied the Colored Concrete Sealer X3 to my patio and am very pleased with the result.
Dave Ditchkus
Colored Concrete Sealer X-3 BEFORE Colored Concrete Sealer X-3 AFTER
RozannaRozannaYork Harbor, ME

Terra Cotta Concrete Sealer X-5 2Hi, Michael and Karen,

I’d love to record my high praise of your Terra Cotta Concrete Sealer X-5 and especially your service.
And thanks again for all your help, I tell everyone how great you are every time I show them the floor.
Best wishes
Mark SztanyoFlorence, KY
Hey Guys,
Wanted to let you know that the project turned out great and my 28-year-old pool never has looked better.  Thank you for such a fine product (Taupe Colored Concrete Sealer X-4 with Stone Grip) and great customer service.  Good luck with your sales growth.
Pool before and after
Dan T. MuellerCypress, TX 

Wanted to pass on how well your Stone Sealer #5 enriched the color and protected our travertine decking. Great product!!

Douglas Stewart JrBluffton, SC


I just wanted to say thank you for all your help with my driveway. It turned out great! The vinegar removed the white stains I mentioned and the finished product really looks good. The X-3 sealer did a fantastic job of letting the water runoff instead of soaking in. After driving on it a few times, it got a little muddy and it was easy to just hose it off. It looks like I won't be pressure washing three times a year anymore!! Several of my neighbors thought I poured a new driveway. They will be ordering some of your products in the spring.
Mark van der VeerPortland, OR
This past summer I purchased the X-3 product for use on a concrete patio. So far I've been extremely pleased with the product's performance as it has eliminated water penetration into the concrete and thus reduced accumulation of dirt and mold.
Thanks for making a great product!
Hap Duffey Baltimore, MD

Mr. Parry,
We spoke back in January about the persistent problem I was having with moisture leaching up through the poured cement floor in the basement of my Baltimore, MD row home. I thought you might be interested in knowing the outcome, and reading the e-mail I sent to SUNDEK OF WASHINGTON this afternoon. They specialize in decorative treatments of basements, patios, swimming pools, etc. in the MD, VA and DC area. I heard back from them that they will be considering using Concrete Sealer X-2 as their preferred waterproofing product for future jobs after they've had a chance to test it themselves. If you're interested in making contact with them, the company president is Armando Hernandez and his cell phone number is 571-247-6612. His company has done work for the White House, so they're well respected in the D.C. area. Thank you for all your advice, and I'll continue to recommend your products in the future.

Anne KellyPortland, OR

Thank you very much, Michael. I have used your Concrete Sealer X-2 on my basement walls in the past and like it so much!

It has cut down a great deal on the rate that our dehumidifier fills with water.

Remus Hobrook Davison, MI

I live in the central part of Michigan and this past winter was the worst ever recorded.

I used Concrete Sealer X-1 on my new cement driveway last fall and to my amazement, it looks as well if not better than last year.

Great product. Totally satisfied

William CopelandAssonet, MA

Mike I etched (Eco Concrete Etcher) and sealed (Concrete Sealer X-4) my new antique tractor storage barn this past weekend and it turned out great. Your advice on drying time was perfect. I etched on Saturday and sealed on Monday. I used a large wet / dry vacuum to pick up the excess water and etch liquid as my area was quite large and pushing the water to the door opening was difficult. Thanks for a great product!

Lois KugeHonolulu, Hawaii

Used Concrete Sealer X-3 to seal my quartzite pool deck after staining one half of it with the backyard hillside red dirt/ mud to match the other naturally stained section that occurred when red dirt sat on it after heavy rains. Just neglected to clean it off over the years. After applying the sealer, the entire deck looked very natural, as if it's nature's work and not mine. Did this a year and a half ago and it still looks great. It certainly repels the red dirt from staining it unevenly as in prior years.

In my second project, I used Eco Concrete Cleaner #1 and Concrete Sealer X-3 to clean and seal the aggregate concrete landings/steps outside our tall sliding glass doors. The original sealer used by the concrete contractor did not hold up. The muddy paws of our 3 large dogs left brown tracks on it. I then sought help from Stone Technologies and used their products. I can just hose down the area and it's fine. If not, I'll use a broom to scrub off the heavily traveled areas. You'll be amazed at how easy cleaning has become when needed.

My third project involved sealing the newly installed travertine in our bathroom floors and shower stalls. The original sealer used by the installer wasn't very effective. Mildew appeared and dirt collected in the grout. After using Stone Sealer #2, the shower stall looks like new! No mildew or dirt collecting in the corners and grout lines. Once a week cleaning, when necessary, has never been easier!

Frank FrischRochelle, IL

Mike, I recently built a 28x26 detached garage with a concrete floor. I was looking to seal the floor and protect it from staining. I found that both your concrete sealers X-1 and X-3 would work for me. Using both will give me the results I wanted.

I purchased five gallons of both the Concrete Sealer X-1 and Concrete Sealer X-3.

I did the application per the instructions and it went as smooth as "silk". After the final application of Concrete Sealer X-3 I found I had about 2 gallons left. I used this to seal both my front and rear concrete porches. The garage floor has seen one winter and will see its second in about a month. No problems. I'm completely satisfied with the products and would highly recommend Stone Technologies concrete sealers to the do-it-yourselfer.

Walter Karbonik, P. ENG.Palatine, IL.

I ordered ten (10) gallons of Concrete Sealer X-1 for two (2) freshly poured concrete driveways. I followed the application instructions and was very pleased with the ease of application. The sealer went on smoothly and one could see the sealer being absorbed into the concrete. I was also pleased with the fact that the coverage specification was very accurate.

Both driveways have been treated for over three (3) months now and look as good as first poured. I get a lot of compliments on the driveway from my neighbors as the clean look combined with the California design pattern really looks sharp.

I believe the sealer is a great investment in protecting the investment in the driveway. A good looking driveway will always add to the curb appeal of a home.

Mike and Linda BastianLake Oswego, OR

Concrete Sealer X-2 to the rescue! In 2002 we bought a home that was built in 1950. The basement is finished, except for the room with the gas furnace. As many basements do, ours had a distinct irritating odor. We tried many different products to eliminate the odor, but nothing worked. We also tried a dehumidifier that helped a bit.

In 2009, to our dismay, we discovered that our home had an old heating oil tank buried in the backyard, about 3 feet from the foundation. If we ever want to sell the home we must have the oil tank decommissioned by the State of Oregon Department of Environmental Quality. We decided to have the tank decommissioned as soon as possible. Soil tests revealed that the ground immediately around the tank was contaminated with more than 4300ppm of diesel fuel including ethylbenzene, xylenes and naphthalene. At the moderate levels of these chemicals found in the soil, we were required to have the tank cleaned and filled with a cement-slurry mixture, but were not required to have the contaminated soil removed.

After the tank was decommissioned the odor in the basement was still present. We thought perhaps that these chemicals (aromatics) in the contaminated soil were perhaps seeping through the concrete foundation. To decrease the permeability of the concrete wall we ordered 2 gallons of Stone Technologies Concrete Sealer X-2 to treat (from the inside) the 40’ x 8’ concrete wall next to the oil tank. After a small test to verify that the Concrete Sealer X-2 was absorbed into the concrete, we applied 2 coats of Concrete Sealer X-2 by spraying it on according to the directions. To our great joy, the odor has been completely eliminated within a day after the Concrete Sealer X-2 was applied to the wall. The Concrete Sealer X-2 was easy to work with, with no lasting odor. No more dehumidifier, no more “odor-eater” products, no more headaches!

James F. (Jim) SmithYork, PA

Your granite sealer is so easy to use that I can do it in the time it takes for TV commercials between shows. It's that easy. Spray it on, wait a few minutes and wipe off! Done!

John Gnajek Hammond, IN

Hi Mike,

First, I have to thank you for your quick response to all of my six emails and two phone calls. Some of my previous do-it-yourself jobs didn't fair so well.

My wife and I finished our project two days ago, and she is already happy with the results! And naturally, so am I!

We sealed (Concrete Sealer X-1) and waterproofed (Concrete Sealer X-3) approximately 1700 square feet of recently installed brushed driveway and smooth garage floor. Your medium size kit was just right. Purdy White Dove 3/8" roller covers made for easy application of both products. My original worries about tackling this job ourselves (we are 62 and 67) were unwarranted. In Chicago, the temperature was just about 70 degrees, which seemed perfect.

What impressed us most was the immediate performance of the Concrete Sealer X-3 waterproof. It seems that the birds liked our finished driveway even more than we did. We easily rinsed their gifts, along with the dirt that we tracked when restocking the garage, and had no stains. We were like kids watching the water roll off of the concrete. This was a job that previously needed a scrub brush and strong detergent. I expect that with the Concrete Sealer X-1 working below, this drive will be low maintenance for many years to come.

I have already recommended your products to another retiree who re-poured his garage floor. I'm confident that he will by just as pleased.

Brice F. SimonOshkosh, WI

Concrete Sealer X-1 sealer product to treat my back patio this summer. The patio has always had a problem with staining/ mildew due to afternoon shade. After 2 applications of the Concrete Sealer X-1 sealer my patio has not turned the ugly greenish color it had in the past. The past products I tried did nothing and were a waste of time and money. Thank you for a great product that actually applies easily and works as advertised.

Next year I will apply some of your colorant to my driveway to subdue some of the wear and tear from all the traffic.

Bob ShipleyKnoxville, TN

I started construction on a house in the Mentone/ Fort Payne area in 2007. Our home was built of cast stone, 12 inches thick X 20 inches high with lengths that varied from 12 inches to 36 inches in length. The cast stone was to mimick Ashler stone.

I used the Concrete Sealer X-1 and also the Concrete Sealer X-3 sealer. I had a porch on both the front and the rear of the home. I sealed the blocks and also both porches, with the Concrete Sealer X-3 sealer.  I can say that the Concrete Sealer X-3 sealer worked perfectly on the wood, as well as on the stone. I was somewhat worried that my stone would be stained, but after using the Concrete Sealer X-3 for both the wood, and also the stone, gave me complete satisfaction. I would recommend these sealers to anyone.

David Reed Taneytown, MD

I just wanted to let you know how impressed I was with your product.  In the past  I have purchased concrete sealers at the local Lowe's or Home Depot and the results have always been discouraging.  The gloss only lasts for weeks on my stamped concrete around my in ground pool and after only a month you could not tell I had ever sealed my concrete.  So I did a web search and found your company.  I felt the price was comparable and purchased the Concrete Sealer X-4 and applied the sealer in May around my pool.  Well I can honestly say that we still have a high gloss finish and it looks great and it is now October and we are closing the pool for the season.  You have won me over with your product.  We have told our friends about how wonderful your product works and the added protection it gives.  Looking forward to next spring and the easy application and results.  Thanks.

Edward LeeCumming, IA.

My project was to apply Concrete Sealer X-1 to a brand new RV pad sized 25’ x 14’ along with several replacement slabs of sidewalk.  I ordered the 5 gallons size.  It was due to arrive on Friday August 27 in time for application on Saturday.  Friday morning I discovered on FEDEX website that the package was damaged and was being shipped back to Stone Technologies.  I immediately called Stone Technologies and learned that FEDEX had not even contacted Stone Technologies about the problem.  On the other end at the main office was a very sweet lady who immediately sprang into action.  She found that there was another 5 gallon available for immediate shipment.  She managed to get the necessary crew to get that out the door in time for FEDEX to ship that very day.  She was very knowledgeable, knowing that it would take at least 4 business days to get to my area, which would mean it would get to me on September 1 if everything goes well.  I was leaving September 2 for vacation so I had a very short window of time to apply the recommended 2 coats of X-1.  Due to the quick reaction by personnel at Stone Technologies, the second container made the FEDEX Friday shipment deadline.  This time FEDEX did not damage the container and delivered on the expected date.  The application process itself was very easy.  The instructions on the container and on the website were very clear.  I chose the paint roller method and that really worked well.  Additionally, the same sweet lady at Stone Technologies also sent a pump, free of charge, to help speed up the application process.  This was something that Stone Technologies didn’t have to do.  After all, it was FEDEX which damaged the first shipment.  I have had dealings with other companies that required return of merchandise before they would ship out replacements or refunds.  Those companies should take a lesson from Stone Technologies.  Stone Technologies really went beyond the call of duty.  Since this is a new application, it may be years before we can see how effective X-1 is in protecting the concrete.  However, if their excellent customer service is any indication, their products must be great as well.  I endorse Stone Technologies wholeheartedly.

Robert Kuchar Anthem, Arizona

Dear Stone Technologies, Corp.

I would like to say how satisfied I am with your Stone Sealer #6. I am not a contractor, just a home owner and needed to find a product to seal a granite boulder water feature on my swimming pool. After searching the internet for stone sealers

I found your website and found it to be very informative for someone like me a do-it-yourself kind of guy. I found that your Stone Sealer #6 with the wet look was very easy to apply, and after curing for 24 hours, brought life back into the boulders. The sealer now makes the water repel off of the granite boulder surfaces, and water does not wear down the stone.

I would recommend your product to anyone with a stone waterfall that needs to be sealed and maintained.

Alan PottonCypress, TX

recently purchased Stone Sealer #5 in the 5 gallon pail. We used the product on 1,600 sq. ft. of slate that we used to cover our front porch area and our back patio. The surface looks great, it really brought out the beauty of the stone. Cleaning up the surface is so easy now. Just rinse off and your done.

Thanks again for the great product,

John SchusterScottsdale, AZ

Stone Enhancer #1Stone Sealer #5 with Stone Enhancer #1 added and could not be happier with the results. We placed 1500 sq. ft of travertine pavers for our pool / patio area,  I needed a product that would bring out the deep colors of the stone while protecting it from stains and spills. This product went on easily and dried in just a few hours. The enhancer really brought out the colors and made the stone very natural. Friends that have seen the results were amazed at the difference it made, I recommend this product for all your stone applications. Thanks for a great product

Tim McKelvey Columbus, OH

Thank you very much for your assistance/advice on this Stone Sealer #5 project.

It came out exactly as I'd hoped it would.

Musa TannousWebster, NY

I have been using Stone Technology Products for 6 years now, ever since I moved into my new house. I reside in upstate New York and the winters there can be very cold with much snow accumilation. After my house was built I really struggled in deciding what kind of surface to have on my driveway, black top or concrete. I researched both advantages and disadvantages of each and finally decided on a concrete driveway. The main reason was longevity and durability. During the installation of the driveway I started researching what I need to do to maintain this huge investment for me. The one thing I did discover was this driveway had to be sealed to protect it. Now my research went to sealers for concrete.

As you know there is a multitude of choices, when I came across Stone Technology I was intrigued. I did call the customer service department and asked some questions. The Company that installed my driveway advised me to use local company sealers. I declined and did go with Stone Technologies Concrete Sealer X-1. Thus far it has done exactly what it advertised, it does not leave a shiny/slippery surface like other sealers, it did protect and reinforce my driveway, there has not been any defects yet. and it does protect from oil spills, I have had several guests that parked in my driveway with some oil leaks, all I did was put kitty litter filler and washed the oil stain out with no problem. I do believe it has kept my driveway looking like new. I have had neighbors inquire what sealer I used and I did pass that information.

In conclusion I can say by using Concrete Sealer X-1 I have protected my 10K investment in my driveway and I will continue to use this product as long as I have a need for concrete sealers. Thank you Stone Technology for your help and Products.

Vicki GatzaCorpus Christi, TX

HI Mike

Lee Little in Corpus Christi, TX is the contractor who told us to get ahold of you, said Stone Technologies, has the best product. A neighbor who lives next to Mr. Little just did her driveway and walkway...Oh My Gosh...Beautiful!

Jeffrey KeenanClawsom, MI

Dear Stone Technologies:

I applied the Stone Sealer Concentrate to my customers granite top after the previous sealers weren't working and it worked great!!!

Albert and Katherine AstroskiBellbrook, OH

We bought Concrete Sealer X-1 we liked the properties of the sealant, that it wasn’t just a top coat for our basement and driveway.  Our neighbors across the street did a radon test in their unsealed basement and it came up at 17.  Borderline acceptable is 4.  Seeing our neighbors number drove us to research sealants for our concrete before we finished our basement.  We didn’t test our unsealed basement, but we did test our sealed basement with 2 coats of Concrete Sealer X-1 and it was 3.  Finished part of our basement will be our kids play area, and we didn’t want to expose them to the high readings like our neighbor had, so we believe your product does what you advertise.  We believe by sealing those capillaries in the concrete will keep moisture out of our basement, and because you seal those capillaries you keep out radon.  Your product was the most affordable and with free shipping – it can’t be beat!

Susan Hodges Casco, MI

Our first experience with your product was one of necessity. Due to a devastating fire, we had a new garage built. My online search found Stone Technologies. Other products did not compare to your warranty. Most needed additional coats to complete the sealing process. We chose Concrete Sealer X-1 for ease of application, and applied it in less than an hour. We are very pleased with the results and the price. Your product was shipped very quickly, and there were no fumes, just a pleasant clean smell. We are Senior do-it-yourselfers. Thank you for a fine product!

Jim WitzelPittsford, NY

The brick walk leading to the front of my home is 14 years old.  The walk had black mold growing on the surface of the bricks and moss growing between the bricks.  It looked terrible.  I power washed all of the brick and removed the mold, moss and sand grout between the bricks.  I re-grouted the brick with RG+, the best polymeric sand that I have found on the market.  It is durable and very firm once it dries.  I sealed the walk with Stone Technologies Concrete Sealer X-2 using two coats.  The bricks and grout look great.  The sealer has a flat finish so the bricks look original and will prevent new growth of mold and moss. (Ed note-we do not normally recommed Concrete Sealer X-2 for brick.) I also power washed the concrete garage floor after 14 years of wear and salt buildup from our cars.  I sealed the concrete with two coats of Stone Technologies Concrete Sealer X-4.  The first coat soaked in heavily.  The second cost was a lighter coat.  It looks like a new floor.  The water beads up on the surface and it will prevent salt from soaking into the concrete.

Rob EppleyLake Geneva, WI

Stone Technologies,

I would like to thank you for your product. I built a garage and needed a concrete sealer that was easy to put on and that would last a life time. After looking into many different companies I found your product "Concrete Sealer X-2" to be the best for my needs. When I asked for information you help me, and when I asked for free shipping you gave it to me. I am only a small fry when it come to being your customer, my garage is 30 X 44 but you treated me like I had a big order.

My garage is only 3 years old now, and in the years to come I will not notice how good the product is, because I will have no problems. It went on easy (I used a hand pump sprayer) it even pull some of the leaf stain out that I had on my garage apron. I feel good about using your product and I'd like you to know that I have and will in the future recommend your sealers to others.

Thank you,

Eduardo VogelerSan Diego, CA

To whom it may concern at Stone Technologies

Had the opportunity to apply your Stone Sealer #4 in the past. The surface was a Quartzite Flagstone and the results were excellent - Over two years have passed!!!!

Stone Sealer #4

Robert KucharAnthem, Arizona

Dear Stone Technologies, Corp.

I would like to say how satisfied I am with your Stone Sealer #6. I am not a contractor, just a home owner and needed to find a product to seal a granite boulder water feature on my swimming pool. After searching the internet for stone sealers I found your website and found it to be very informative for someone like me a do-it-yourself kind of guy.

I found that your Stone Sealer #6 with the wet look was very easy to apply, and after curring for 24 hours, brought life back into the boulders. The sealer now makes the water repel off of the granite boulder surfaces, and water does not wear down the stone.

I would recomend your product to anyone with a stone waterfall that needs to be sealed and maintained.

Max SolonSaint Petersburg, FL.

Hi Mike.
Your Concrete Sealer X-3 is working great. Pictures of the project are shown below.

Concrete Sealer X-3Concrete Sealer X-3 Concrete Sealer X-3

David HermansenHudson, WI.

DavidHermansen-before-and-afterI have a feeling I am not your typical customer but I wanted to share my testimonial anyway. I found your site by searching "concrete sealers". I was finishing off my town home and was going to build seven counter tops in my garage; all from concrete. I was concerned about a porous material being used in the kitchen and bathroom but decided to move ahead with the project.

I had never poured a concrete counter before but I did plenty of research and I am pretty handy in construction. The first one turned out great and I proceeded to keep pouring until all seven were done. I purchased a 4" wet polisher and buffed them all to a nice smooth finish, but I knew they would still suck up water and stains. Bring on "Stone Technologies"! I had called your company and explained my situation. It was recommended that I use Concrete Sealer X-3. It promptly arrived in the mail and I laid the counters out oneby one. I followed the directions to a "T" and was very happy with the results. The sealer bonded with the concrete but left the natural colors of the curing counter.

It has now been almost a month living with my new counter tops and I couldn't be happier with the results. Liquids wipe right off and it's stain-free. I know I certainly won't be your largest volume customer but I know I rank up there with the most satisfied. I look forward to future concrete projects and putting the finishing touch on them with Stone Technologies.

John DevaneyFairfax, VA.

I have a two-story Gazebo with an upper slate floor exposed to the elements. I cleaned the stone with the Stone Soap Ultra cleaner. Then I coated the slate with three coats of the Stone Sealer #4. The color intensified and the finish remains looking like real stone. The surface sheds water beautifully and does not leave the telltale birdbaths.


David JohnsonMarion, OH

david_johnsonMy wife and I purchased a new home recently that has some very unique features. One of them is the limestone exterior that was carried over into the interior of one of the rooms, which was formally the back porch but is now our family room. We did a lot of research before deciding on using your Stone Soap Ultra and Stone Sealer #2. We vacuumed all four walls and scrubbed them with the stone soap. There was no left over residue or anything...just beautiful stone. Once they were cleaned, the subtle variations in stone color and texture really were highlighted beautifully. They look fantastic for 60 year old walls! With the great results from the interior walls, we're planning on cleaning and sealing the slate floor as well as the exterior walls also.

Charles BennettChambersburg, PA

Stone Technologies Inc,
I am writing to let you know about my experience with your product.

Two years ago I had to have new sidewalks put in, eighty feet, along with the end of my driveway when they broke it getting out the old sidewalk. I let it cure and dry for one week with no foot or vehicle traffic. I then put on two coats of Concrete Sealer X-2 densifier. The next day I followed with three coats of X-3 sealer. No foot or vehicle traffic for three more days.

After two years, the sidewalk and driveway still looks great. No scratches from the snow-blower or shovel. I found my sidewalk did not ice as quickly as the neighbors and melted and dried sooner than anyone else's as well. After days of heavy rain, the water still beads up and rolls off, again, drying very quickly.

My neighbors having done their sidewalk and one a driveway at the same time never sealed theirs and thought I was wasting money. Two years later they have flaking and pockmarks. One is so bad he is trying to sue the contractor.

I had also treated the skirt and a pad around a ten-year-old in-ground pool. Water beads up and rolls off, soda spills did not soak into the concrete and attract ants. Mold was not able to establish making spring cleaning very easy.

I am coating everything again this year with X-3 and some spots will try the X-4 for some extra sparkle. I am also going to do the basement as a radon sealant which will be an added value on selling the house and sleeping easier for us now.

Thank you again for a great product that is easily applied with a $10 hand sprayer.

Scott CharneyBasking Ridge, NJ

The Concrete Sealer X-4 was easy to apply and has made our kitchen look great!

Scott Charney

Eric HankeLouisville, KY

At first, I liked your product, and now I like your customer service, too!

Michael SessionsElmhurst, IL

Here is a picture of my driveway after using Concrete Sealer X-4. It is an amazing product and I highly recommend it. Also the staff at Stone Technologies are experts and very helpful.

Michael Sessions Customer Testimonial

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