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Water Based Concrete Dyes


Ready to Use – Easy to Apply – Eco-Friendly

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These water-based concrete dyes are UV stable, eco-friendly, easy to apply, and ready-to-use products. Available in four different size containers of 1 quart, 1 gallon, 2.5 gallons, or 5 gallons.

Surface preparation is the most important step in any successful dye project. The concrete surface must be free of all contaminants including sealer, paint, dirt, grime, oil, and greases. Eco Concrete Cleaner #1 is highly effective in removing these types of contaminants. Before application, also check that the surface is absorbent with a few droplets of water. If they do not absorb readily, treat the surface with Eco Concrete Etcher. This will open up the pores of the concrete sufficiently to allow the dye to adhere properly to the concrete surface. The etcher should also be used on machine-trowelled and smooth or lightly textured surfaces.  If the surface is too smooth, it can lead to the sealer lifting off the surface with the dye.


The dye solution should be continually stirred or agitated during application to maintain uniformity of color. Apply the dye solution at 40 to 80°F using a pump-up sprayer. Apply approximately 24 inches from the surface using a uniform circular motion. A coverage rate of 400 to 600 sf per gallon for one coat is normal. We recommend two coats for even coverage. You can also apply with a brush, roller, or sponge for mottled effects. If the dye accumulates or puddles remove the excess with a clean damp cloth immediately. Clean-up is done with soap and water.

Apply them either as an individual color or combined to provide a multitude of effects. They can provide different hues, shades, mottled, and faux natural stone effects. If you are the more skilled artisan you can use them to form any custom-made pattern or picture. In essence, the possibilities are only limited by the boundaries of your imagination.

For example, Anthony D. Expressed his satisfaction with our water-based concrete dyes. He described how we worked with him to help him achieve his complex design resulting in a beautiful floor. In his review he emphasizes his love for the new floors, indicating that the application process was user-friendly and yielded visually pleasing results.

An intricate design created using our water based concrete dyes. Skilled artisan work using water based concrete dyes.

The addition of the dye directly into the concrete mix will form an integral color. Simply replace the same amount of water with the amount of dye solution that you want to add. In summary, with these water-based concrete dyes any color, depth of shade, or random color pattern is achievable.

Sealer Selection

After your staining project is complete you should seal it to protect the finish. We recommend two coats of sealer. Use a sprayer to avoid disturbing the dyes for solid colors. Alternatively, use a roller, brush, sponge, or cloth to achieve a mottled or faux effect. Apply one of the following sealers;

High Gloss Finish – Concrete Sealer X-4 (water-based) or Concrete Sealer X-4S (solvent-based)

Satin or Low Gloss Finish – Concrete Sealer X-5 (water-based) or Concrete Sealer X-5S (solvent-based)

Invisible Finish – Concrete Sealer X-3 (water-based) or Concrete Sealer X-3S (solvent-based)

Color Chart of the Water-Based Concrete Dyes

Color Chart of Concrete Dyes

Color Chart of the of twenty colored concrete dyes (click on this image to enlarge). The colors listed are only a representation of the Concrete Dyes. Changes in concrete slab colors will affect the appearance of the dye, therefore, actual colors may vary.

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