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Stone Sealer #3




Stone Sealer #3 is a fluoropolymer emulsion in water which bonds with all types of stone surfaces to produce a natural finish while providing stain resistance and increased wear abrasion. It contains <0.1% (<1 g/L) VOC which means that it can also be applied in enclosed or occupied premises. This sealer is also recommended for sale to the general public for the maintenance of all stone surfaces including marble, granite, travertine, slate and limestone after installation.

Stone Sealer #3 will cover approximately 500 sf per gallon for each application and two coats are recommended approximately 2 hours apart rather than one thick coat. Do not over apply the sealer and any excess should be removed from the surface within 5 minutes using a clean dry white cloth. The natural stone surface should be kept completely dry while the sealer is curing for 24 hours. It can be applied either with a micro fiber cloth on small counter top or wall areas or with a short nap (1/8″) roller for larger floor areas. We recommend that a single top up application should be re-applied on top of the old sealer every 2 to 3 years.

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