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Stone Grip Anti-Slip Additive


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Stone Grip is an anti-slip additive for some of our concrete sealer products. Simply stir into Concrete Sealer X-4, Concrete Sealer X-4S, Concrete Sealer X-5S, or Concrete Sealer X-5 when used on very smooth surfaces. Also, add to any type of coating or paint to provide additional slip resistance.

This additive is a micronized polymer that is suspended in the sealers. Due to its low density, it does not significantly affect their viscosity.

Stone Grip is sold in 16-ounce containers. When needed, we recommend adding 1 or 2 containers to every 5 gallons of Concrete Sealer X-4, Concrete Sealer X-4S, Concrete Sealer X-5S or Concrete Sealer X-5. Increasing the concentration of this product increases slip resistance. increasing concentration also slightly reduces the glossiness of the sealer.

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