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Glass Sealer



Glass Sealer is an incredible new protective sealant that protects all types of glass surfaces. It provides a hydrophobic coating that is water, soil, fingerprint and stain-resistant. The sealer eliminates hard water build-up, mineral deposits, soap scum, dirt and grime. Additionally, it will reduce bacteria that can live in the microscopic hills and valleys that are present in normal glass surfaces. It seals the pores in the glass surface and also provides scratch and abrasion resistance. It can be easily applied to glass using a microfiber cloth or terry towel and the coverage rate is approximately 20sf per ounce.

Glass Sealer is highly effective in a wide range of residential, commercial, institutional and industrial applications. This includes bathroom shower doors and mirrors, ceramic and porcelain tiles, kitchen ceramic stovetops, oven and microwave doors. In addition, it can be used on automotive windshields, headlamps and sunroofs, marine and RV glass. Use on exterior glass windows and doors of buildings, plastics, fiberglass and polished metals.

Why should I use Glass Sealer?

To the naked eye, glass may seem smooth, but, in reality, there are many microscopic ridges and valleys. In these microscopic ridges and valleys that soap scum, dirt, bacteria and mineral deposits form. Using a Glass sealer on your Glass Shower Door forms a protective layer. This will reduce your cleaning and maintenance. In addition, it will produce a shower door that looks clean and clearer.

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