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Eco Concrete Cleaner #1 Sample



Eco Concrete Cleaner #1 is a highly concentrated cleaner which can be used to clean and degrease concrete, masonry, bricks, concrete block, stone, mortar and stucco. It will remove most stains including oils, tar, dirt, grime, adhesives, resins, paints and graffiti.

Eco Concrete Cleaner #1 can be used to clean concrete driveways, sidewalks, patios, parking lots, factory and garage floors, basements, walls, storage tanks and concrete pipes.

Eco Concrete Cleaner #1 is diluted 100:1 with water for light duty cleaning, 10:1 for normal cleaning, 5:1 for heavy duty cleaning and can be used straight if necessary when removing excessive amounts of oil, grease and paint. When used straight Eco Concrete Cleaner #1 will clean approximately 100 sf/gal. It can be fed through a pressure washer for easy dilution and application and then rinsed off thoroughly. If stubborn stains persist, the cleaner can be poured directly on to the stain and then worked in with a stiff brush for 10 minutes and then rinsed off. Even when used undiluted, this cleaner will not cause any damage to the concrete because it is not acidic unlike other muriatic based cleaners that actually dissolve the concrete to remove the stains.