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Concrete Sealer X-2


Water-Based Densifier & Hardener

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Concrete Sealer X-2


Concrete Sealer X-2 is a higher concentration hardener and densifier than Concrete Sealer X-1. It creates the same chemical reactions within the concrete as Concrete Sealer X-1 and it has the same physical properties, coverage rates, and application procedures.

Concrete Sealer X-2  has been specifically designed to seal very porous concrete or concrete blocks. This sealer is also recommended for poured concrete if the concrete is more than 10 years old or if signs of seepage or damage such as dusting and efflorescence are already evident. Outdoor concrete surfaces use this sealer when exposed to severe weather conditions. We do not recommend this sealer for decorative, colored, stamped, or aggregate concrete without prior consultation.

How Concrete Sealer X-2 Works


Concrete Sealer X-2 leaves a natural finish (no sheen) after application, it is UV resistant, non-yellowing, breathable and the surface will not be slippery. This sealer is paintable because it is not a repellent coating after curing, The sealer neutralizes the alkalis in the concrete preventing saponification of the paint. The sealer will adhere to adhesives and epoxy coatings after curing with no adverse effects.

Concrete Sealer X-2  is an admixture for any cement-based product. The sealer increases the structural and compressive strength of concrete, plaster, stucco, gunite, and block to densify the substrate. The pores compress in the treated concrete making are significantly less porous. They are less permeable to water migration and less susceptible to cracks during curing. It also encapsulates and expels excess alkali, lime, and other contaminants from the concrete. The recommended application rate is 14 oz per cubic yard of concrete.

The surface must be water, oil, and dust-free to allow proper penetration of the sealer. Check the surface of your concrete before applying this sealer to ensure it absorbs drops of water within 20-30 seconds. If it beads up then use Eco Concrete Etcher before applying this sealer. The sealer Covers approximately 200 to 400 sf/gal/app depending on the concrete porosity and we recommend rather than one thick coat. Application time between coats is 2 to 4 hours and allow to cure for 24 to 48 hours without rain. This product is easy to apply using a brush, medium nap roller, or low-pressure sprayer at any temperature between 40-80°F.


Concrete Sealer X-2  is environmentally friendly. It is non-toxic and non-flammable because it does not contain chemical solvents or release any VOC or noxious fumes. It is a ready-to-use DIY-type sealer with a product shelf life of at least two years. This concrete sealer is also guaranteed to last for the life of your concrete.

Concrete Sealer X-2  has been tested against the following specifications;

AASHTO T-277-83
ASTM C 418


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1 gallon of Concrete Sealer X-2

1 Gallon of Concrete Sealer X-2


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