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RX-1 Repair and Sealer



RX-1 Repair and Seal is a permanent, high-performance modified hydraulic cement compound. It has been enhanced using crystalline waterproofing technology which will stop moisture and water from penetrating through the concrete repair. It has been specifically designed to repair and patch holes and cracks. Use on interior or exterior concrete structures either above or below grade. Use in basements, garages, foundations. Additionally, use in swimming pools, ponds, fountains, drains, holding tanks, pits, slabs, footings, reservoirs, sewers, tunnels, piers, dams, canals, retaining walls and sea walls. Also, use to repair defects in concrete prior to application of RX-2 Concentrate.

RX-1 Repair and Seal is extremely fast-setting (less than 5 minutes). It expands as it sets so it is non-shrink and has a high structural and bond strength. Typical results for compressive strength (ASTM C109) are 2100psi after 24 hours and 3100psi after 7 days and 4500psi after 28 days. Use to stop the active flow of water through cracks and holes even under constant water pressure. RX-1 Repair and Seal is also used in underwater applications.

Application Instructions.

RX-1 Repair and Seal is easy to prepare by simply mixing 3.5 parts with 1 part of warm water by volume. Mix at 60-70F to form a stiff putty consistency. Do not mix more than you can use in 3 minutes. Form the putty into a plug and press firmly into the cracked area until it hardens which will be less than 4-5 minutes.

A 50-pound pail of RX-1 Repair and Seal will produce approximately 0.5 cubic feet of mortar. 1 pound of product will patch 1 linear foot of crack measuring 1” wide x 1.5” deep. Alternatively, 1 pound of product will patch 6 linear foot of crack measuring 1” wide x 0.25” deep.

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