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Set of Twenty Colored Concrete Sealers

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We offer a set of Twenty colored concrete sealers in three different types. Use Colored Concrete Sealer X-3 for a natural or invisible finish. For a gloss finish use Colored Concrete Sealer X-4. Finally, if you prefer a satin or semi-gloss finish use Colored Concrete Sealer X-5.

Each set of twenty colored concrete sealers are UV stable colors. You can use these colored concrete sealers for all interior and exterior concrete applications. They are all water based, very economical, extremely easy to apply and quick drying. This makes them very versatile when compared to other concrete staining systems.

You can apply these sealers either as an individual color or you can combine them. They can provide a multitude of different hues and shades. They can also be used to produce mottled and faux natural stone effects. If you are the more skilled artisan you can use them to form any custom made pattern or picture possible. As a result, the number of designs is only limited by the boundaries of your imagination!

You will receive twenty different colored concrete sealers as ready to use products. Each product will be in a 4 ounce spray bottle. This will give you the opportunity to test the various colors in your particular application. You should be aware that the exact depth of shade will depend on the porosity of your concrete. Agitate the sealers before and during application to maintain a uniform color. Spray the sealers in a circular motion to avoid puddling of the dye. Apply two applications two hours apart. Finally, allow the sealer to cure for 24 hours.

Color Chart of the set of twenty colored concrete sealers

Color Chart of the set of twenty colored concrete sealers (click on this image to enlarge). The colors listed are only a representation of the Concrete Dyes. Change in concrete slab colors will affect the appearance of the dye, therefore, actual colors may vary.


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