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Solvent Based Natural Finish

Stone Sealer #1, Stone Sealer Concentrate and Stone Sealer #4 are solvent based natural finish, low odor sealers. They are formulated for all types of natural stone surfaces. This includes, but, is not limited to marble, granite, slate, limestone, travertine and sandstone. The sealers provide a natural or invisible finish when cured that makes the stone surface stain and water repellent.

Stone Sealer #1 impregnates the natural stone surface to form an invisible protective barrier. It does not alter the appearance of the stone surface.

Stone Sealer #4 is a double strength polymer in a citrus based solvent. The solvent is biodegradable and occurs naturally in nature as the main component of orange peel oil. The sealer leaves a natural finish and has a pleasant citrus odor, it is bio-based with a positive environmental profile.

Stone Sealer Concentrate is a double strength natural stone sealer. This sealer is double strength version of Stone Sealer #1. Formulated for very porous stones or for very high traffic areas.

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