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Marble & Granite Cleaners, Rust & Calcium Remover

We supply three different types of marble & granite cleaners. All of these are natural and vegetable based cleaners. They are derived from corn and natural oils.

Stone Soap Ultra is a highly concentrated water-based cleaner. Dilute only 2 ounces in to 1 gallon of water. Each gallon of the product makes 64 gallons of ready to use cleaner. It has been specifically formulated for marble, granite, slate, limestone, travertine, onyx, terrazzo, cultured marble, ceramic and quarry tile. Use on all types of natural interior and exterior stone surfaces.

Revitalizing Stone Soap Ultra is also a highly concentrated water-based cleaner. It has a built in impregnating sealer. This means that you may never have to reseal your natural stone surface again. Every time you clean them you are adding another protective layer of sealer.

Stone Soap RTU is the ready to use version of the concentrated water-based cleaner.

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