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Concrete Sealers

We manufacture Concrete Sealers for all types of interior and exterior applications.

Concrete Sealer X-1 and Concrete Sealer X-2  are hardeners or sealers that fix wet & damp basements. They also stop concrete dusting, prevent mold and mildew formation and reduce radon penetration. When used on driveways and sidewalks they significantly reduce salt penetration to stop concrete damage during freeze thaw cycles.

Concrete Sealer X-3 and Concrete Sealer X-3S make concrete, stucco, block, brick and mortar stain repellent and water repellent. These are penetrating sealers that leave a natural or invisible finish. The sealers will not be slippery even when wet.

Concrete Sealer X-4 and Concrete Sealer X-4S produce a gloss finish. Concrete Sealer X-5 and Concrete Sealer X-5S produce a semi-gloss or satin finish. All of these sealers are clear topical coatings which are applied to stamped, decorative colored and aggregate concrete.

We also offer Concrete Sealer X-3, Concrete Sealer X-4 and Concrete Sealer X-5 in twenty different colors. The colors are UV stable pigment dyes which are suitable for exterior and interior projects. These Colored Concrete Sealers are an alternative to the two step dye and then seal procedure. This allows you to seal and dye your concrete project in a single process.

All of our water based Concrete Sealers are easy to apply, non-toxic, odorless, solvent free and VOC compliant. The sealers are for all commercial, industrial and residential applications. Additionally, the sealers are for all types of new or old interior and exterior structures. This includes poured concrete, aggregate concrete, decorative and stamped concrete, brick, masonry, stucco and pavers.

1 gallon of Concrete Sealer X-11 gallon of Concrete Sealer X-1
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Finally, The Concrete Network is an excellent resource for more information. It provides information on products, contractors, photographs as well as ideas and training.

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