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How to use as an Admixture

Grout Sealer #1 & Admixture is a newly developed product that is added directly into the grout paste mixture.

The advantage of this product is that once the grout is cured between the tiles then the grout lines have a lifetime sealer. This sealer is within the whole internal structure which means that the grout never has to be re-sealed. The grout lines are permanently sealed against water intrusion and staining. In addition, the repellency effect resists mold, mildew, and soap scum build-up which can cause discoloration and staining. 

To add this product directly into the grout blend simply replace the equivalent amount of water. Therefore, 1 gallon of sealer replaces 1 gallon of water.

How to use as a Topical Coating

Grout Sealer #1 & Admixture is also used as a topical coating on existing grout lines to provide stain and water repellency with an invisible protective barrier. Application is with a thin paintbrush or with a “grout applicator”. In this process, it will cover approximately 300 square feet per gallon per application. We recommend two applications two hours apart. It will then take 24 hours for a full cure.

Grout Sealer #1 & Admixture is a water-based fluoropolymer emulsion that seals grout to prevent staining and water intrusion. The sealer dries invisible and does not change the appearance of colored grout. We recommend re-application every 2 to 3 years in this process.


This product is available on our webpage. Quart bottles are $31, 1-gallon bottles are $69 and 5-gallon pails are $200.

Also, shipping is free by Fedex Ground or USPS Priority Mail on all orders over $200. 

Grout Sealerr #1 & Admixture