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Concrete Sealer X-1 will protect concrete against salt damage due to the damaging effects of freeze/thaw cycles. These occur when salt is spread on icy roads and then tracked up your driveway. Test data carried out to determine chloride permeability (AASHTO T-277-83) and chloride penetration (NCHRP 244) proved the beneficial effects of Concrete Sealer X-1. This data is shown in the Technical Data Sheet (TDS).

Concrete Sealer X-1 or Concrete Sealer X-2?

We recommend Concrete Sealer X-1 for concrete that is less than 10 years old with no signs of damage. For older, more porous, or damaged concrete then we recommend the stronger Concrete Sealer X-2 product. Concrete Sealer X-2 has been specifically designed to seal very porous concrete or concrete blocks. This sealer is also recommended for poured concrete if the concrete is more than 10 years old or if signs of seepage or damage such as dusting and efflorescence are already evident. Outdoor concrete surfaces use this sealer when exposed to severe weather conditions. We do not recommend this sealer for decorative, colored, stamped or aggregate concrete without prior consultation.

Both Concrete Sealer X-1 and Concrete Sealer X-2 are permanent silicate-based deep-penetrating chemical hardeners and sealers. The products chemically bond to the concrete to become part of its integral structure which guarantees that it will last for the life of your concrete. It is highly effective in making concrete physically stronger and denser, protecting it against frost and salt damage. The sealer also increases its resistance to stains, acids, alkalis, moisture, mold, and mildew.

Additionally, you have the option of applying a top coat of Concrete Sealer X-3. This is a water-based penetrating silicone polymer that will make the surface of the concrete water-repellent. It leaves a natural invisible finish that will not be slippery. This will provide an additional layer to protect concrete against salt damage.

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