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Stone Technologies has just launched a new product, Glass Sealer which is an incredible new protective sealant that protects all types of glass surfaces by providing a hydrophobic coating that is water, soil and stain-resistant. It eliminates hard water build-up, mineral deposits, soap scum, dirt, grime, and bacteria which can live in the microscopic hills and valleys that are present in normal glass surfaces. It also seals the pores in the glass surface and also provides scratch and abrasion resistance.

Glass Sealer is highly effective in a wide range of residential, commercial, institutional, and industrial applications including bathroom shower doors and mirrors,  ceramic and porcelain tiles, kitchen ceramic stovetops, oven and microwave doors, automotive windshields, headlamps and sunroofs, marine and RV glass surfaces, exterior glass windows and doors of buildings such as hotels and offices.


Clean the glass surface thoroughly with Stone Soap RTU applied with a microfiber cloth or terry towel. If the surface has calcium build up remove it with Eco Calcium Remover and then rinse thoroughly. Spray Glass Sealer onto the surface to be treated in small areas and rub vigorously in both vertical and horizontal directions for 1 to 2 minutes then move to the next small area. Allow to cure for 12 hours. Do not use alternative cleaners such as Windex® as they may damage the Glass Sealer.

Glass Sealer is a low-viscosity, clear liquid that can be easily applied to glass using a microfiber cloth or terry towel. It can also be used to seal porcelain, ceramics, plastics, fiberglass, and polished metals. The coverage rate on glass is approximately 20sf per ounce or 320sf per gallon.


  • Maximum Protection and Preservation of Glass.
  • Keeps the natural look of Glass.
  • Reduces Cleaning, Maintenance, and Replacement.
  • Retards Bacteria Growth on the Glass Surface.
  • Provides Water & Stain Resistance and Eliminates Soap & Scale Build-Up.
  • Increases the life of Glass Surfaces.
  • Improves Visibility, Scratch and abrasion Resistance.


In the original container, the product will have a shelf life of at least 12 months. Always protect this product from freezing.



Flash Point                         :         53F = FLAMMABLE LIQUID

Appearance                          :            Clear Liquid

Odor                                       :            Alcoholic

Specific Gravity                        :            0.79 g/ml

Compatibility                         :            Do not mix this product with any other chemicals.


This product is available in 4-ounce spray bottles, 1-pint spray bottles, 1-quart spray bottles, 5-gallon plastic pails and 55-gallon plastic drums. Further details with pricing are shown here.


This product is shipped under the limited quantity exception,  9CFR HM-215K, DOT shipping regulations in containers less than 1 quart by Fedex Ground or USPS parcel post. Larger-size containers ship as a flammable liquid by a common carrier that we select unless otherwise requested by the customer.


Before handling this product always read the Material Safety Data Sheet and container labels for physical and health hazard information. The information contained in this technical data sheet is, to the best of our knowledge, true and accurate. No warranty, expressed or implied, is made or intended. The use should be based on the customer’s own investigations and appraisal.

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