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There are two types of Concrete Sealers for Dog Kennel Floors. These are known as densifiers and stain-repellent finishes. You can use them either in combination with each other or as a stand-alone product.

Dog Kennel Sealer X-1 is a densifier/hardener for concrete which will give the concrete better crush and abrasion resistance. This will stop the concrete from dusting. It will also give the concrete stain resistance although it is not a repellent finish. Therefore, you can apply other coatings over the top of this sealer. It is highly effective at stopping hydrostatic water intrusion and is also used to remedy damp problems.

Apply Dog Kennel Sealer X-3 over the top of the densifier product. This will make the surface become water and stain-repellent without making it slippery. It allows easy clean-up of the concrete and prevents staining.

Our concrete sealers for dog kennel floors. will make your dog happier by eliminating harmful bacteria. They also reduce skin irritation from alkaline concrete and prevent moisture intrusion into their kennel. They will also make YOU happier by reducing odors, making clean-up a lot easier, and extending the life of your concrete kennel.

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