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Although concrete acid stains have been used for many decades. They provide impressive color transformations, concrete dyes have emerged which also deserve equal praise. These underrated coloring agents can achieve vibrant tones simply not possible with concrete stains alone. Concrete Stains normally come in about 8 to 10 neutral colors whereas with concrete dyes almost any color is achievable.

Concrete pigment dyes can get the professional applicator or the residential D-I-Y-er into more vibrant colors such as yellow, blue, red, green and purple to name a few. The nice thing about working with concrete dyes is that you can mix them at the job site to obtain the desired color. Concrete dyes are often used in conjunction with acid stains to produce a variegated look and, in most cases, complement the already stained floor. Translucent dyes penetrate the concrete drying in only a few minutes in most climates with minimal cleaning required following the application.

The pigment dyes should be protected with a topical sealer. Use Concrete Sealer X-3 for a natural finish, Concrete Sealer X-4 for a gloss finish or Concrete Sealer X-5 for a semi-gloss or satin finish. The dyes are a powerful solution in virtually any application when the installer is seeking rich mottling effects, color layering effect or for a more even solid color with minimal installation time.

Stone Technologies Corp Concrete Pigment Dyes

Stone Technologies Corp. offers a wide range of UV stableĀ acetone based and water based dyes in a vast array of 20 colors as shown below. This includes subtle earth tones, vibrant hues, and pastels which can be used in all types of interior and exterior applications. They can either be applied as an individual color or combined to provide a multitude of different hues, shades, mottled and faux natural stone effects. If you are the more skilled artisan you can use them to form any custom made pattern or picture possible. You are only limited by the boundaries of your imagination.

The water based dyes are supplied as ready to use products that are very easy to apply and they are odorless and VOC free. The acetone based dyes are faster drying and are supplied in a concentrated form which has to be mixed with acetone (available at most DIY stores) at the job site. The dyes are available in 1 quart, 1 gallon and 5 gallon sizes, larger size containers are available upon request.

The coverage rate of both the acetone based and water based dyes is approximately 500 sf per gallon for each application and two applications are recommended. The water based dyes are applied with a pump up sprayer approximately 24 inches from the surface at 40 to 80 degrees F. Clean up with soap and water. The acetone based dyes are applied with an acetone resistant sprayer approximately 24 inches from the surface at 40 to 80 degrees F. Clean up with xylene or acetone. Ensure that the dye does not puddle or accumulate.

Color Chart of Concrete DyesColor Chart of the Concrete Dyes (click on this image to enlarge).

The colors listed are only a representation of the Concrete Dyes. Change in concrete slab colors will affect the appearance of the dye, therefore, actual colors may vary.