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There are two ways to apply colored concrete sealers. You can either apply a sealer that has already has the pigment dyes built in to the sealer or you can apply the dye first and then apply a sealer over the top of the dye. The latter method although more labor intensive gives you a lot more flexibility because you can adjust the depth and shade of the color or apply multiple different colors before you seal it. Whichever method you decide to choose we recommend that you take advantage of the small 4 ounce spray sample bottles to test a small inconspicuous area to see how the color looks on your concrete before you commit to staining the entire area.

Our Colored Concrete Sealers

The colored concrete sealers are available in twenty UV stable colors that can be used in all exterior and interior applications. This enables you to seal and dye your concrete in a single process.  Any combination of the different colored sealers can be mixed together if desired to create your own individual unique color or pattern.

After you have decided on your color(s) you have to decide which type of sealer you want to apply. All of the sealers will make the concrete stain and water repellent, the difference between them is that the Colored Concrete Sealer X-3 leaves a natural or invisible finish, Colored Concrete Sealer X-4 leaves a gloss finish and Colored Concrete Sealer X-5 leaves a semi-gloss or satin finish.

We recommend two applications (coats) using either a medium nap (3/8″) roller or a sprayer for all of the sealers while the temperature is between 40 and 80 degrees F. Coverage rate in approximately 300sf per gallon for each application. For Concrete Sealer X-4 and Concrete Sealer X-5 we recommend that you wait 4 hours at the higher temperature and 6 hours at the lower temperature between applications. Concrete Sealer X-3 has to be applied quickly with a maximum time of 20 to 30 minutes between applications, so for large areas it should be applied in sections.


The “dye and then seal” method involves selecting your color first from one of the twenty UV stable dye colors available. They are available in an acetone base or a more environmentally friendly water carrier. The water based dyes are shipped as ready to use products and are easier to apply whereas the acetone based dyes are quicker drying and are shipped in concentrated form which has to be diluted upon receipt with acetone. The coverage rate of these dyes is approximately 500sf per gallon per application and two applications are recommended. When applying the dyes using a sprayer with a conical tip in a fine mist, brush or medium nap roller it is normal not to see a strong coloring on the first coat but the color will be much stronger on the second coat. Allow at least 30 minutes between applications and apply the dye at 40 to 80 degrees F. Multiple colored dyes can be used to create any type of intricate design that you can imagine.

Once you have completed your design, solid, mottled or faux pattern you have to decide which of the clear concrete sealers that you want to apply. If you do not want to disturb your pattern or design we recommend that you spray the sealer whereas if you want a more random pattern then use a roller as this will tend to move the dye around on the first application because it is not substantive to the concrete at this stage. All of the sealers will make the concrete stain and water repellent, the difference between them is that Concrete Sealer X-3 will leave a natural or invisible finish, Concrete Sealer X-4 will leave a gloss finish and Concrete Sealer X-5 will leave a semi-gloss or satin finish. With this method you also have the option of using the solvent based versions of these sealers, Concrete Sealer X-3S,  Concrete Sealer X-4S or Concrete Sealer X-5S. All sealers should be applied at 40 to 80 degrees F and for Concrete Sealer X-4, Concrete Sealer X-4S, Concrete Sealer X-5 and Concrete Sealer X-5S allow 4 to 6 hours between applications. Concrete Sealer X-S should be applied 2 to 4 hours apart and Concrete Sealer X-3 20 to 30 minutes apart. All sealers will achieve a full cure after 24 to 48 hours.